A discussion about the mental and spiritual war

In coming months, discussions about spiritual fitness and making moral choices will be part of the curriculum at the Corps' Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia, and at corporals' and sergeants' courses around the service, Rear Adm. Brent Scott, chaplain of the Marine Corps, told Military. The service hasn't ruled out making spiritual fitness a part of boot camp as well, he said.

A discussion about the mental and spiritual war

A discussion about the mental and spiritual war

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The present study aims to provide a model for explaining the mental health of war veterans based on the variables of spiritual well-being, social support, and self-efficacy, with the mediating role of life satisfaction.

Spiritual Warfare - 10 Questions to Know if You are in a Battle

The research method was descriptive a correlational. The study samples included veterans, who had records in the Veterans Foundation in Tehran's number one district, Sarallah and Imam Khomeini shelters and Essaar Sports Center in Tehran.

They were selected randomly and were asked to respond to questionnaires on mental health, spiritual well-being, life satisfaction, social support, and self-efficacy.

Veterans with better social support, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being have better mental health. In the meantime, positive psychology, which can promote their mental health, has been given to provide solutions, from onwards. Identification and promotion of psychological structures are the most important objectives that the country's psychologists attempt to improve and empower in veterans.

A discussion about the mental and spiritual war

Despite the passing of more than 50 years from the establishment of the Mental Health Committee, knowledge about the problem and its dimensions is still poor. Mental Health Centers, rather than paying attention to the positive aspects of their health and education, are more involved in harnessing and treatment.


Such a concept is based on the assumption that a mental disorder and being healthy are two final poles of a continuum.

Thus, mental health has not received the adequate attention it deserves in practice. In other words, the allocation of large funds to investigate the etiology and treatment of mental disorders has not decreased the incidence of the disease and is not conducive to alleviating human suffering.

In this regard, it is proposed that positive psychology be studied in a scientific manner, with optimal human functioning, and be focused on the discovery and promotion of agents that will allow individuals and communities to move forward toward prosperity and change. This movement has created a new task in the research field of psychology, where the psychologists focus their attention on mental health resources that lie beyond the study of diseases and disorders.

One of the concepts related to mental health is psychological well-being. Proponents of spirituality for the improvement of mental health and interpersonal compatibility have made numerous attempts to establish a connection between the two concepts of health and spirituality, as being the structure of spiritual well-being.

Spiritual well-being can be defined as a sensory communication with others, having a meaning and purpose to life, and believing and communicating with a superior power. The existing well-being is a psychological element.

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It is an odd feeling about an individual's feelings, as to who is he, why and what is he doing, and where he belongs. There are significant correlations between the spiritual well-being scale scores and variables such as religious practices,[ 11 ] depression, self-esteem, and intrinsic religious orientation.

Pavot and Diener[ 14 ] state that life satisfaction is an arbitration process, in which the quality of life is assessed based on its unique criteria. People who are satisfied with their lives experience many positive emotions, such as, happiness, pleasure, and joy, and have lower levels of negative emotions such as, sadness, grief, loneliness, and depression.

Mayer and Diener[ 15 ] show that life satisfaction is correlated with high mental health. Whenever the life satisfaction is higher, a person is more susceptible to experience positive emotions.In the book, Marlantes describes in moving detail his journey to find spiritual absolution and peace, and his struggle with moral injury sustained in war, decades after returning home from.

So when you, or a friend or loved one, experience depression, or panic attacks, or delusional thinking, or any other experience of mental disorder do not try to choose between a spiritual attack or a mental one.

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Spiritual Warfare It is the starting place for really understanding mental illness. Without the knowledge that there really is a Devil (and a multitude of demons), you will never understand what is happening to you, or why it is happening.

Answer: There are two primary errors when it comes to spiritual warfare—over-emphasis and under-emphasis. Some blame every sin, every conflict, and every problem on demons that need to be cast out.

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The event ended with a panel discussion consisting of Al-Delaimy, a constitutional Jordanian judge, the Head of the Parliament Committee on Human Rights (Jordan), a political science professor and a psychiatrist discussing the next steps for implementation of mental health legislation in Jordan.

Mental Health is a Casualty of War