How to write an authorisation letter for cheque collection

The interest rate will be reinstated to the prevailing interest rate the day after your next statement date once the outstanding minimum payments are made for two consecutive statements on or before the respective payment due dates.

How to write an authorisation letter for cheque collection

Repatriate outside India funds held in an account other than to the offshore account of the Customer; b. Make a payment by the way of gift to a resident on behalf of the Customer; or c.

It is incumbent upon the Customer to intimate any change in the registered mailing or communication address, if any, immediately or within fourteen 14 days of such change to ICICI Bank.

how to write an authorisation letter for cheque collection

ICICI Bank shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or consequences for wrong delivery of the above items arising out of non-intimation of any change in the registered mailing or communication address or email ID of the Customer.

Subsequent cheque books can be requisitioned through the requisition leaf s available in the cheque book or through ATMs or internet banking or such other acceptable modes of communication as may be made available by ICICI Bank from time to time, subject to satisfactory conduct of the Account.

Cheque books are normally issued free of cost, however, ICICI Bank reserves the right to recover the cost of cheque book s requisitioned by the Customer. Delivery costs like courier charges, etc. ICICI Bank reserves the right to refuse payment against cheques that have been altered in any way unless the alteration is authenticated by the drawer under full signature as per specimen on record with ICICI Bank.

Cheques should be drawn in such a way as to prevent alteration after issue and the drawer's signature should be uniform with that on record. If any cheque deposited by the Customer is returned unpaid, service charge s may be recovered from the Customer.

No request will be processed through these slips. Customers should exercise caution in the safekeeping of cheque books, and should report the loss of signed cheques, blank cheques or cheque books as soon as possible.

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Cheques should never be pre-signed in blank; it is safer if cheques are always crossed and not made out to "Bearer". Conduct of Account 7. Other standing instructions are subject to applicable service charges.Authority Letter For Cheque Collection, authorization letter for payment sample, authorization letter format for payment collection, authorization letter for receiving payment.

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You can have £ over to your bank account within one hour (All applications are subject to the following checks: Affordability, Credit, . Authorization Letter to Collect Document. Posted on July 7, by| Comments Off {Your address} {Date} I hereby authorize {Name} to act as my representative and collect {type of /5(16).

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how to write an authorisation letter for cheque collection
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