Selecta mixing the right ingredients for the future

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Selecta mixing the right ingredients for the future

Print A Chemistry Experiment Ken Albala squeezed cloudy, spaghetti-size shirataki noodles into a pot of boiling water. They emerged from the hand-held metal extruder jagged and translucent. We were on the first recipe of a marathon day of noodle making and he wanted to start with the strangest one.

And they are bizarre: In modern Japan, they are sometimes eaten as a diet aid. Albala keeps a large vitamin bottle filled with konjac flour in his Stockton, California, home, a few blocks from University of the Pacific, where he is a history professor and chair of food studies.

These noodles had come together by mixing the konjac flour with water and then, after allowing the mixture to rest, adding calcium hydroxide, an alkaline that raises the pH of the noodle dough and is necessary to help turn it into a solid gel.

Calcium hydroxide, or cal, is also used in the process of nixtamalizationan important step when turning corn into tortillas. And for Albala, noodles are the perfect grounds for experimentation. Albala declared the texture perfect.

And they were quite pleasing—flavorless but slick and snappy with a toothsome bite. All the rest of the noodles we would make that day, Albala assured me, followed a much more standard science to make it to our bowl. A Noodle Obsessive Albala is, perhaps, one of the best-known, and most prolific, food historians in academia today.

He is known as a charismatic teacher who has written 24 academic books on different topics in food studies, ranging from beans to pancakes to Eating Right in the Renaissance. He came to the field of food studies when looking for a topic for his history dissertation at Columbia and found himself drawn to food culture during the Renaissance.

While there, he began making noodle soups for breakfast—albeit with store-bought noodles, but the obsession was sparked. When he returned home to California, he decided to try making his own noodles, in his better-stocked kitchen, from scratch.

Soon he was translating noodle recipes from old cookbooks and eating every handmade noodle he could find on his many academic trips around the globe. He re-created many of these recipes and techniques at home—and, often, riffing on them with his own variations—posting photos of his efforts to his blog and social media.

Not all are traditional. In a blog post on December 19,titled Candy Noodle Souphe published a photo of thick noodles swimming in a broth studded with colorful bits. Noodles made of marzipan.

A broth of Mexican chocolate with a little booze for sheen, piped in with a turkey baster.Essays on Selecta Mixing The Right Ingredients For The Future Case Study There are tons of free term papers and essays on Selecta Mixing The Right Ingredients For The Future Case Study on 2nd hand Tanks and mixing equipment: Please have a look at these used chemical processing equipment for sale.

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Selecta mixing the right ingredients for the future

The mixer comes with six attachments: wire beaters, dough hooks, a milkshake mixer, and a whisk. So you can easily mix the ingredients for pretty much any recipe you can think of. SELECTA: Mixing the Right Ingredient for the Future I. Brief Background Selecta was unknown and a dying brand when RFM Corporation bought it in a bid to contest MagnoliaВЎВ¦s monopoly of the Philippine ice cream market.

A Noodle Obsessive

Traditional Mincemeat Recipe. 46 comments - I still have 4 3/4-pounds of suet leftover in my freezer, so that in the future, I have a cushion to fall back on.

Albeit a rather fatty one. but the consensus in my family is that the heating is entirely unnecessary. Instead, I mix all ingredients, leave them to stand for a week with. This case, especially those portions and facts pertaining to the early- to mids, were based on the case Selecta: Mixing the Right Ingredients for the Future” in Gutierrez, B., ed.

Selecta mixing the right ingredients for the future

Cases on Marketing Management in the Philippines.

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